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Prodigy Finance’s Community Manager speaks at LBS Reunion

Prodigy Finance - January 31, 2017

Prodigy Finance’s
Community Manager speaks at LBS Reunion

"The first thing I would like to say to the investors who helped get me here is thank you. Thank you for believing in Prodigy Finance, and thank you for believing in us – the students. The MBA for many of us will change our lives, and I would like you to know that you have changed my life." Fernando Vélez, LBS class of 2015

Fernando Vélez is one voice among the many that Prodigy Finance has supported over the years. Since 2013, Prodigy Finance has helped more than 400 students with financing to attend London Business School.

It’s certainly possible to see the impact the university has had on the students that attend; Prodigy Finance Community Manager, Sarah Bishop, is an LBS alumna herself. Committed to outreach and strategic thinking, she provided insight to attendees at the LBS Reunion for New Alumni over the weekend.

The LBS Reunion was a chance to meet and greet with alumni from the past five years. More than a networking event, LBS grads had an opportunity to gain insights from speakers able to expound on the education they’ve received and how they’ve translated their MBA into their careers.

Sarah’s three key lessons learned from starting and closing a startup before moving to Prodigy Finance were humble and revealing.

“If you want to build anything bigger, choose something that you deeply love. Because, there will soon come a point when you’ll be challenged to do something that makes you uncomfortable, or worse.”

Alumni garnered insight through a variety of presentations and made new contacts throughout the day – and into the night hours at the after party. But one of the most important impressions Sarah took from the event was the absolutely amazing talent connected to LBS, and to the Prodigy Finance-funded students in the community, students such as Fernando Vélez, who wouldn’t have been able to afford his LBS MBA otherwise. 

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