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Prodigy Finance is more than a lender; it’s a community

Prodigy Finance - June 30, 2017

Prodigy Finance is
more than a lender; it’s a community

Headed overseas for your master’s degree? How exciting! If you’re like most international students, you spend your days and nights dreaming about the experience that lies ahead of you (even as you comfort your family, telling them you’ll miss them dreadfully).

You can almost taste the new foods you’ll eat as you lounge in the common areas of your new university, your new home.

And then it hits you.

How will you get to campus in the first place? Where will you find a new SIM card for your phone, so you’re not stuck on mobile roaming for the next two years? And, where will you be shopping for that food that you’re casually munching while studying?

We’ve got you covered

Prodigy Finance is a community lender that helps international students to finance their master’s education abroad. Helping talented individuals is our aim, but community is at the heart of everything we do.

For ten years, we’ve provided loans for international study. As we’ve grown, we’ve become more focused on helping our community solve problems that may have nothing to do with finances. Our new Community team considers the small things that make your experience everything it can be – like how you’ll use your mobile phone and who will meet you at the airport and get you to your new home.

We know that doesn’t sound like a traditional bank because that’s exactly what we’re not. Prodigy Finance is a community first. And, you’re a member as soon as your loan is fully approved.

If you’ve taken out a Prodigy Finance loan in the past, you’ve probably received invitations to exclusive networking events. And, now we’ve expanded our community services to help students find their feet before they even arrive on campus.

Prodigy Finance Benefits Before, During, and After

As you get ready to travel to your new home, Prodigy Finances will send over new monthly benefits to help with the journey. Benefits include everything from packing tips specific to international students to that all important ride from the airport. The Community team speaks with current students about what’s most important to them, so those benefits are customised according to your university and campus.

When you head into your final year of studies, the Community benefits shift to focus on your job search. After all, you want a great job, and Prodigy Finance wants to help. We’ll reach out with an offer to discuss your recruitment strategy.

And, of course, there are Prodigy Finance campus and networking events to look forward to from the moment your loan is finalised. More benefits are continually being added as our Community team spends their days considering every aspect of an international student experience.

Want to know more?

Prodigy Finance is built on the strength of its community – and that’s the way we like it. If you have an amazing benefit you think we should offer, we want to hear from you. And, we’re always here to answer your questions. All you need to do is reach out to community@prodigyfinance.com – but perhaps you’ll want to check out our new community page first. 

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