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3 tips for 1st year MBAs

Teodora Chatzisarros - July 04, 2014

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Congratulations to all of you that are about to start your MBAs! I'm pretty sure you won't regret making the decision to take this journey.

Now that I just completed my first year, not that I'm an expert, but I can give you some hints to make the most of your MBA experience.

1. Career wise - Make up your mind before your start. It is true that the MBA is an opportunity for you to decide what you want to do - what industry or company to join and what function to pursue. If you are one of those students that want to make a triple jump career switch (like myself...used to do long jumps in the past as an athlete, not sure how much that helps), you need to have a target and a backup plan before you start. Because then you can use all the resources your school offers in order to make that happen.

Otherwise, you may end-up doing what you are not passionate about - you lower your chances to find your dream job.

2. Friendships/relations - You will be part of a really amazing group of people: from all around the world, really smart and friendly. If you look to find the people you want to hang out with - have common interests with, or party well with, you will build a lot of memorable moments. You build friendships that will last forever.

On the downside, if you choose to meet new people all the time or to keep in touch with a wide group, you will definitely have a wider network, but may not be invited to all the parties/drinks events organised by specific groups. You will not be a core member of any group of friends.

3. Academically - As MBAs are very smart people, it is hard to intellectually please all of them at the same time, because of different backgrounds and levels of experience. It is then inevitable to hear people complaining about certain classes and teachers. My advice is not to miss classes and try to be there (listening and understanding, speak when you have a point). Everything taught is linked, updated based on research and you learn methods that you will apply in your job. The level of teaching is high and some sessions or classes will be life changing. Don't miss any chance to develop yourself.

As many things will happen during this journey, be ready to experience the FOMO (fear of missing out). It is impossible to attend everything. Be aware of your objectives when you join the programme and become a master of your MBA experience!

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