Mba hopefuls   should you take the gmat or the gre

MBA Hopefuls - Should You Take the GMAT or the GRE?

Katie Schenk - January 20, 2017

Is business school in your future? Anyone considering an MBA knows they’re going to take a big exam in the next couple of months or years. The standardised tests may not be long, but they are...

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10 things international grad students should do before leaving home

10 Things International Grad Students Should Do Before Leaving Home

Katie Schenk - January 19, 2017

As an international-student-to-be, you know you need to get your visa, find a place to live, sort out health insurance, grab all the paperwork required to open a local bank account, and buy your...

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Celebrating 100 supported schools

Celebrating 100 Supported Universities

Prodigy Finance - January 17, 2017

A couple of INSEAD students met over a drink, lamenting the difficulties of financing their studies towards a reputably high-earning degree at one of the world’s top institutions. They had been...

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Ms engineering students   will you spend a lot of time with undergrads

MS Engineering Students – Will You Spend a Lot of Time with Undergrads?

Katie Schenk - January 15, 2017

It may seem like a silly question at first, but it’s really not. Engineering is a big field; it’s an umbrella term covering everything from software and electrical engineering to biomedical and...

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The funny costs that creep into your grad school budget

The Funny Costs that Creep into Your Grad School Budget

Katie Schenk - January 10, 2017

You’re not after cheap; grad school education is an investment. The question usually isn’t whether you need to take a loan, but how much you need to borrow.And that’s a tricky question for any...

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Help what side of the road should i drive on

Help! What Side of the Road Should I Drive On?

Katie Schenk - January 05, 2017

Anyone pursuing an international MBA should prepare themselves for a lot of travelling. In addition to exploring a new city and country, you’ll be headed off on experiential treks, mini immersions,...

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What should you expect from the international student office

What Should You Expect from the International Student Office?

Katie Schenk - December 30, 2016

International education has become a norm. No, it’s not for everyone. But, the numbers of international students, particularly at the graduate level, continue to rise. In the United States, just...

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Scholarshipfb post saumya jain

Prodigy Finance announces three new student scholarship recipients

Prodigy Finance - December 23, 2016

In September, Prodigy Finance announced the first two winners of our student scholarship programme: Vyom Vats is pursuing his Masters in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller...

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Mba admissions edge top tips for researching schools

MBA Admissions Edge: Top Tips for Researching Schools

Fortuna Admissions  - December 22, 2016

There’s only one MBA degree, yet no two programs are the same. Before submitting applications, you want a real understanding of each school’s identity and assets, and, more importantly, why they...

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Img 1343

Start-up woes: finding a co-founder and the struggle for funding

Prodigy Finance - December 21, 2016

As all entrepreneurs know, there are various challenges that come with entrepreneurship and early stage start-up life. To help motivate and encourage those looking to share their ideas with the...

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