Accepted to an international ms engineering programme

Accepted to an International MS Engineering Programme? Now What?

Katie Schenk - November 30, 2016

Well done! Take a moment to celebrate (as if you need a prompt to cheer your success)!But don’t take too long; you’ve got a lot to do before you take off. Really. International MS Engineering...

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Using scholarships to supplement overseas education

Using Scholarships to Supplement Overseas Education

We Make Scholars - November 29, 2016

Education is vital. It’s important to individuals, communities, and countries. Whether you’re tackling development issues, building roads, creating new digital connections, or enforcing the law,...

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Getting your international study visa

Getting Your International Study Visa

Katie Schenk - November 28, 2016

A year ago, getting an international study visa was daunting. The laws were complicated and on the restrictive side for many students. Today, it’s more confusing than ever. Brexit means there are a...

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The Softer Side: Prodigy Finance Pillars of Success

Roland  Archer - November 24, 2016

One really sweet perk of my job at Prodigy Finance is the time I have to chat with talented graduate students. Through conversations that cover innovations in FinTech to life at a start-up to...

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Should You Use Electives to Determine Your MBA Shortlist? 

Katie Schenk - November 21, 2016

Remember the thrill of choosing free electives during your undergrad? You could opt for just about anything your heart desired – and the school offered. Your MBA electives aren’t likely to be...

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Stem focus achieving exceptional verbal gre scores

STEM Focus? Achieving Exceptional Verbal GRE Scores

Katie Schenk - November 17, 2016

Want an MS Engineering degree from a top international school? You’ll need to get past the GRE first. With three sections and a seemingly heavy focus on language skills, it’s daunting for...

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Five mistakes international grad students make

Five mistakes international grad students make

Prodigy Finance - November 14, 2016

Many international students apply to 15 universities with average applications, banking on the principle of quantity. But, when it comes to grad school, it’s all about quality. Having worked...

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American elections and international higher education

American Elections and International Higher Education

Katie Schenk - November 10, 2016

At the beginning of 2016, it was easier to see what higher education looked like across the globe in the coming year. There were upsets, trends, and plenty of interruptions on the cards. And, by...

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On campus or off campus housing   which is better for grad students

On-Campus or Off-Campus Housing – Which Is Better for International Grad Students?

Katie Schenk - November 04, 2016

Every grad student needs to sleep somewhere. No matter how much time you plan to spend in the library, it’s just not an option. International students, unless they’ve spent a lot of time visiting...

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Now or never

Is It Now or Never for Your MBA?

Katie Schenk - October 31, 2016

How many times have you read an interview or case study about an MBA candidate where they’ve pointed out that it was a now or never moment for them? We’re not saying everyone goes through this...

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