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A cookie is a small file identified with letters and numbers, containing information that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer and that we retrieve from time to time. Cookies are commonly used on the Internet. They do not harm your system and are used to make websites work (or work more efficiently).


There are various kinds of cookies, for example:

  • Session Cookies – they allow websites to link the actions of a user or subscriber during their browser session only, so that they expire as soon as the browser session is closed;
  • Persistent Cookies – they remain stored on the user’s device between browser sessions and allow the preferences or actions of the user to be remembered until their set expiry date;
  • First Party Cookies – they are set by the website that the user is visiting (in this case by Prodigy Finance ONLY uses first party cookies;
  • Third Party Cookies – as opposed to the first party cookies, third party cookies are set by a domain other than the website being visited by the user. Prodigy Finance does NOT permit third parties to set cookies.

A useful website is, where you could find more detailed information on the types of cookies and how they work.


Prodigy Finance uses both persistent cookies and session cookies. All cookies for unregistered site users are anonymous and linked only to IP addresses. They do not contain any Personal Information.

Registered users are required to sign an additional privacy document in which we request consent to obtain information about site usage. This information is kept together with the name, email address and other personal data of registered users. This is done so that we may more effectively provide services such as Google Analytics, and so that we can better improve registered users’ processes. uses the following types of cookies:

Functionality cookies: There are cookies we use that are essential to the website functionality.

Geotargeting cookies: We geolocate users based on IP addresses. This geographic information is then stored in a cookie for future reference so that the IP addresses do not have to be geolocated again. Geolocation allows to optimise its content. The information gathered is completely anonymous.

Cookies facilitating the interaction between users and These cookies allow us to obtain geographical information about the visitor as well as information about the content visitors have accessed and the length of that access. They also allow us to chat with visitors and record those chats in a data-protected account. For example, we use these cookies for our Live Chat function on some pages dedicated to investors.

Registration cookies: These cookies identify the account the user is signed into, so that your computer can automatically log in again in the future, unless you explicitly log out. Registration cookies also enable the use of server-side technologies such as sessions. If you register with us or complete our online forms, we will use cookies to remember your login details during your visits, provided the cookie was not deleted between sessions.

Advertising cookies: These cookies are also anonymous. They store information about the content a user is browsing on We use this information to serve certain Prodigy Finance advertisements to our site users, via the Google Display Network. You can find more information on how Google Display Network works at

Tracking cookies: These cookies are used to collect information about how users interact with our website. These cookies (such as Google Analytics) collect information in an anonymous way and aggregate statistics, including: the number of site visitors, the referral website/advert visitors have come through, common site navigation paths, and average length of visit on each webpage (See here for more information on Google Analytics). We also use these tracking cookies to A/B test landing pages to see with which content visitors tend to engage more. This data allows us to enhance the features of our website to suit users’ needs. We use standard software products to track and analyse user data.

Other: Prodigy Finance may, from time to time, add other cookies of the same nature to the ones above, particularly related to school or fundraising campaigns.


You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or certain types of cookies, or to warn you before accepting cookies. But please note that deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies may prevent you from accessing certain areas or features of our site. It may also interfere with the quality and speed of your browsing experience since some features won’t work as they were meant to.

To block cookies:

  • If you use Internet Explorer: you can refuse all cookies by clicking Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, and then selecting “Block all cookies” using the sliding selector.
  • If you use Firefox: you can adjust your cookies settings by clicking Tools > Options > Privacy.
  • If you use Chrome: you can adjust your cookie settings by going to Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies.

For more information on other browsers or more in-depth information on disabling cookies through your browser settings, please visit