We’re here to help you, every step of the way

We live and breathe the international lifestyle and know what it takes to move your life abroad. To help ease some of the complexity, we have developed a suite of benefits specifically tailored for international students. 

 When you finish the loan application and all of your documents have been approved, you’ll unlock access to our benefits and services to help you make a smooth transition to campus and beyond.  Explore these benefits below. 

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Our benefits are tailored to the challenges that international students face

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Get a phone plan

We offer up to 35% off your monthly mobile phone rates when travelling to the US.

To help get you on your feet faster, we’ve partnered with two of the largest US mobile service providers to offer our Community Members an exclusive offer.

You can expect:

  • Discounts on US data and calling plans
  • The usual $500 deposit fee waived
  • Your SIM card gets shipped directly to you, before you depart

Find a home

Skip the house-hunt stress. We're working to make it easier for our Community Members to find a home in their new country of study, by partnering with housing experts in your local area. We'll be expanding this list in time:

For students going to schools based in Europe:

Community Members get 25% off the booking fee with Spotahome. 

For students going to schools based in London:

Community Members get 2% cash back on your rent with Houzen.   

For students going to schools based in Europe or the USA:

Community Members get 20% off the booking fee with HousingAnywhere

Secure a student visa

Applying for your student visa can be daunting, but we’re here to make it as painless as possible. We’ve developed visa guides to help you along the process:

US F1 visa guide
UK Tier 2 visa guide

Going somewhere else? Click on your new country: 

Costa Rica
Hong Kong
The Netherlands
South Africa

Prepare for your on-campus experience

Become a local expert before departure

We’ve sourced advice from international students, like you, to create a curated list of tips for navigating campuses and cities around the world. Community Members will have access to our City Lookbook to get an insider look at life in your new home.

Grow your network with our regular events

Want to meet other prospective students who are headed off to pursue an international masters? Our team hosts events around the world, for all Community Members.  Discover if one of these events is happening near you.

Reap the rewards of becoming a brand Ambassador

Prodigy Finance Ambassadors work directly with our team to host events, speak to prospective students, and share feedback.  In exchange we’ll treat you to regular rewards such as branded gifts, health and wellness experiences, and opportunities for professional development.

Prepare for your move

Our team travels. A lot. Years of experience with boarding airplanes plus feedback from thousands of students led us to create a series of resources to help you secure the best travel deals. We even put together a handy list to help you get started with packing! Community members will gain access to our comprehensive travel guide, including extra baggage discounts from our partner airlines.

Focus on your finances

Our financial support doesn’t stop with your loan. Your savings are now sitting in your bank at home, ready to be converted to a new currency and spent in pursuit of the student experience.  Banks usually charge 3% to convert your hard-earned cash but that doesn’t have to be the case.

When you join the Prodigy Finance community, you’ll be able to follow our guide to forex and use a service like Transferwise and CurrencyFair where we offer discounts to help you save your savings.

Careers Services

Our exclusive Career Course

Wondering how you’ll ensure you beat out the competition to secure the perfect role? 

Our career experts have designed a masterclass in landing a job – designed specifically with our Community Members in mind. From advice on making the most of recruitment season, to nailing your next interview, our interactive and practical course will equip you with the tools to get your dream job.

Once you arrive on campus and sign your loan agreement, you’ll become a full Community Member with access to the entire Careers course for international students. 

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