Inspire others to follow in your Study Abroad footsteps

Our Ambassadors share their valuable study abroad experiences, guide aspiring international students, and earn exclusive rewards.

What Ambassadors do:

Our Ambassadors have an impact around the world. Through their guidance, they help hundreds of students make the most of their study abroad journeys and pursue the degrees of their dreams.

  • Chat directly with future students via Unibuddy, a messaging app, to answer short questions and share advice
  • Collaborate with us on social media to feature in our feeds, and in other online activities like webinars

What Ambassadors get

In addition to building your personal brand and network by connecting with future students, you’ll also get your hands on some Prodigy merchandise - you can choose from:

  • power banks
  • water bottles
  • t-shirts, notebooks and more
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Meet some of our Ambassadors


MBA, Cranfield University

“Where you are now does not determine who you are or who you could be. Understand your passion, and find the way to get there. For me, studying abroad gave me new perspectives to approach a problem, and learn what different solutions look like around the world. Diversity brings more growth to us,” says Hadi, from Indonesia.

“I want to create impactful leadership through inclusion and affection. I want to be resourceful. I don’t know what the future holds, and that’s okay - but having a sketch helps you define a path as you go. Moving in the right direction slowly is better than moving in the wrong direction. If I could give my younger self a message, it would be to love yourself, give yourself credit for doing the right thing. And do not hesitate to ask when you have questions - looking foolish for 5 minutes is better than being so for the rest of your life!”

“Prodigy Finance understands the students’ struggles - no collateral, grace period, many payment methods, and more. And they are just a click away.”



MS in Engineering, University of Texas, Dallas

"I'm the first person in my family to move out of India to study. I come from a place where a girl's education is neglected. I had to prove myself at every point. I'm fortunate as my family was supportive." Priyanka Mishra comes from a small town, Uttarkashi, where her family farmed in their village. "My primary education was done by my father's sister and I lived with them all my childhood." Today she's a masters student at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas."

“My first day in the US was a feeling of accomplishment,” she says. “I want to make my parents proud. I want to become a Product Manager, and I want to help a student make their dreams come true.”

“I almost believed that I’ll never be able to study abroad as every other lender rejected my application because of my family’s financial situation and I didn't have any collateral. Prodigy Finance made my dreams come true.”



MBA, IESE Business School

“My father believed that education is the equaliser between the rich and the poor,” says Amaka, whose parents were teachers. “People who drove meaningful differences in my country, Nigeria, had international education and exposure. I knew that an international education was a path to the goal I sought.”

"Being an international student widens your perspective. It’s enhanced when you come from a culture significantly different from the place of your study. It’s been a most enlightening experience – understanding how things work in Spain, what could be adopted from here to create a better society back home, and what people in Spain can learn from us in Africa. I feel like a bridge connecting two worlds and there is a lot that one can do by being a bridge.”

“Being able to participate in this world class MBA program, to meet and learn from this diverse mix of international students and professors and open myself up to endless career possibilities have all been made possible by Prodigy.”

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